We are proud that our company’s origins date back to 1937, when our founder, Mr. Panagiotis Toumazis, established his first technical office in Famagusta. Since then, we have managed to complete a huge number of prestigious projects, both in Cyprus and abroad, and establish ourselves as quality professionals in our field.


Historically, the roots of Atlas Pantou date back to 1937-38, in Famagusta, where the late Panayiotis Ant. Toumazis founded his first technical office, “TECHNICAL OFFICE, PAN. TOUMAZIS”. In 1942 he formed the partnership “PANTOUMAZIS CONSTRUCTION”, in 1957 the company “ATLAS CONSTRUCTION LTD ” and in 1963 the company “PANTOUMAZIS LTD”.

Consequence of the Turkish invasion and occupation of Famagusta, PANTOUMAZIS LTD and ATLAS CONSTRUCTION LTD ceased their operations. In 1975, ATLAS PANTOU CO LTD was founded as the successor of the two companies.
With over 250 passionate employees, over 420 completed projects and over 80 years of experience, ATLAS PANTOU has left its mark throughout Cyprus, with projects that are benchmarks, pioneering with new approaches and techniques. The steady steps and the hard work of its people made ATLAS PANTOU today one of the leading construction companies in Cyprus, with a significant presence overseas.


Founder Atlas Pantou Group

Tonis Toumazis was born in 1952, in Famagusta.
He is the son of Panayiotes Ant. Toumazis and Ioulias Toumazis Kempelidou.

He took over as Managing Director of ATLAS PANTOU in 1987. He is also the Founder of ATLAS PANTOU and ATLAS PANTON groups, two dynamic groups that include more than 15 companies that operate both in Cyprus and abroad. Tonis Toumazis is a U.C.L. (University College London) Civil Engineering graduate (Bsc. Honours) with post graduate degrees in Structural Engineering (Msc. Structural Engineering and D.I.C. Diploma) from the Imperial College, London and Architecture (MA Advanced Architectural Studies) from London’s Bartlett School of Architecture.

Prior to joining ATLAS PANTOU he was a member of the Civil Engineering teaching faculty of U.C.L. He also worked as an engineer of offshore oil platform design at Matthew Hall Engineering and a structural engineer at Lloyds Register of Shipping in London.

He is a member of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology since 1980 and a Chartered Engineer and member of United Kingdom’s Engineering Council. He is the President of Cyprus Research Centre (KY.KE.M) since 1997, a founding member of the movement “Kinissis gia tin Evropi” (marching towards the European Union), a member of Famagusta Rotary Club, a founding member of Cyprus Society for Quality. He is also the Vice President of the Board of the Famagusta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a member of Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) and Famagusta’s Council for Reconstruction and Resettlement.

Panayiotes Ant. Toumazis,
Founder Atlas Pantou Co Ltd.

Panayiotes Toumazis was born in 1912 in Agios Memnonas, Famagusta.

He is a graduate of the National Technical University of Athens (Metsovion Polytechnic of Athens), the oldest and most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of technology.

In 1937, the late Panayiotes Toumazis, founded its first technical office in Famagusta named ‘TECHNICAL OFFICE, PAN. TOYMAZIS’. In 1942, establishes the partnership ‘PANTOUMAZIS CONSTRUCTIONS’, in 1957 founds the company ‘ATLAS CONSTRUCTIONS LTD’ and in 1963 the company ‘PANTOUMAZIS LTD’. In 1974, due to the Turkish invasion, the operations of ‘PANTOUMAZIS CONSTRUCTIONS’ and ‘ATLAS CONSTRUCTIONS LTD’ ceased their operations. In 1975, ‘ATLAS PANTOU CO. LTD’ is founded as the successor of the two companies.

Panayiotes Toumazis left his footprint in the city of Famagusta. Ιn the period 1960-1974 actively contributed in its remarkable growth, as he was the first civil engineer of the city, but most importantly through his participation in cyprus political life. He served as a member of the parliament for 10 years and later as the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources during Archbishop Makarios’ presidency.